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Amma Program Munich 2019




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Registration for volunteering  for Amma's program in Munich


29th October - 30th October 2019



Most urgent we need help with the setup, which starts on 26th October from 10:00 a.m. and for dismantling, which takes until 01st November.

We need volunteers for setup and dismantling of the hall in these areas:

  • Decoration (only setup-day)
  • Fork lift operator
  • Cleaning during setup
  • Chairs, tables, fencing
  • Sleeping areas setup
  • Washing dishes
  • Organization Setup and dismantling
  • Packing and loading

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Personal information
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First Name:
First name and/ or spiritual name (e.g.  "Julia, Prana")
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email address:

Every volunteer needs to use her individual email address. It is not possible to borrow the email address from another volunteer.

Please use the same email address which you might have used earlier to e.g. register as helper or for a newsletter.
Your email address is used to identify and update your information in our system.

Mobile phone number (if you don't have a cell phone, land line number):

Example for Phone Number:

Example for Country Code:
France: +33
Italy: +39
Spain: +34
Holland: +31
Great Britain: +44
Finland: +358
Denmark: +45
USA: +1

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email address (confirmation):
Volunteering - Seva
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Date of arrival:
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Time of arrival:
Setup of the hall starts at 08:00 a.m.
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How long can you help (day)?
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How long can you help on the day of your departure?
Your special skills or restrictions for volunteering:

- "I'm not able to stand for longer time and need a sitting activity."
- "I'm a doctor and would like to join the first aid team."
- Electrician
- skillful mechanic

In previous years I was volunteering mainly in these departments:
e.g. cutting vegetables, security
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How many hours you can help daily?
If you help for at least 6 hours/day you can sleep at the venue.
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Would you like to become a supervisior?

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If you are a supervisor already, click "No"

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Supervisors are volunteers who take care and are in charge for a certain department. Usually they have already collected experiences from volunteering at previous Amma programs. Usually they share this responsibility with at least one more supervisor. You are in charge for scheduling other volunteers in your department, reporting your staff needs to the seva desk, looking over your area and make it run smoothly. You are in contact with other supervisors which are connected to your department. There is a department coordinator (KOO) whom you can contact if you need.

Often supervisors work in shifts, so a supervisor is always available in the department as contact for the other volunteers.

As a supervisor you get the privilege to do extra seva on stage, near Amma (giving prasad, time keeper and so on). You can stay at the venue for a reduced price.

We need supervisors (HV's) in this area:


  • Men's Restroom
  • Cleaning mens shower
  • Cleaning entrance area

Please write below for which department you like to be supervisor. We will take contact with you.


(This question is mandatory)

Are you already registred for helping in a certain area?


  • "none"
  • "Anja Sichart, cutting vegetables, 6 hours/day"
  • "HV (person in charge) for Hall cleaning"
  • "KOO (koordinator) for Kitchen1"
In which departement do you prefer to help?
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How old are you?
Accomodation in dormitory
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Do you want to sleep in the dormitory?

We offer accommodation for volunteers who help (doing Seva) at least 6 hours daily.
Women, men and families with children will be accommodated separately.

Please bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and good mat as well as a torch with you.


Check in

Monday 28th October from 06:00 pm (or after we have finished the set up of the sleeping areas)
At the Seva Desk you will get a wristband, which will allow you the admission to the sleeping areas.
The set up starts on Saturday 26th October. We warmly invite you to participate. Accommodation and meals are free of charge from 26-28 October for those who help with the set up of the venue. After that the regular prices are applied.


Check out

The sleeping areas need to be cleared on the early morning of Thursday 31st October after Devi Bhava because we need to dismantle and clean the hall.
You are invited to help with the dismantling until 1st November. Accommodation and meals are free during this time.



If you sleep in a Camper and want to use the showers we ask you to buy a wristband for 10 € at the Seva desk to get access to the showers.


Meal Voucher

Everyone who volunteers for at least 6 hours and has not booked the accommodation, can buy a meal voucher for € 45. With this voucher you can get meals and drinks in the restaurant.



You need to help on all program days for at least 6 hours/ day and arrive on the day of hall setup (28th October) to be allowed a sleeping place in the hall.
It is Amma's whish that the prices for accommodation is including food. You will get a wristband which enables you to get access to the sleeping hall and a meal voucher to get meals in the Restaurant.
The fee for accommodation and food is 125 € (28th October - 31st October 2019, 3 nights).

Children until 4 years are free of charge.
Children from 5-9 years pay 63 €
Children from 10 years pay 125 €

Our department supervisors (KOOs/HVs) can get a discount.

You pay at check in at the Seva desk in cash only.
There is no ATM, neither at the venue nor  near by, so please bring cash.

(This question is mandatory)
Prefered sleeping area

  2) Please tell us the number of children (who aren't doing any seva) in the comment field below so that we can reserve a space for them.

If you have any other family members who are doing seva, please register them separately. If you want to stay together in the family area, please tell us the names of the other family members.


Peter Smith, steward
Alexander Smith (13 years old,son), baking waffles
Anna Smith (6 years old, daughter) is not helping

(This question is mandatory)
Date of arrival:
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Date of departure:
Here you can leave a message for us.
Exampel: Name of your Parter and children (if you have chosen to sleep in the family area)
(This question is mandatory)
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